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The majority of healthcare workers in the U.S. are women. In our home city of NY, women have been on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic -  fearless and fierce as ever. Our newsfeeds are flooded with pictures of extraordinary women with bruises on their faces from wearing PPE all day long, women who have been separated from their families, women who come home to their families after a long day at the hospital and still need to make sure their kid’s homework is done… the list goes on. These women have put their own needs second during this pandemic. Although they are extremely brave, and it is so important to recognize that bravery as a society, it is also important to acknowledge how stressful this has been and the effect it has on overall mental and physical health.

Patrycja is a healthcare worker who has been on the frontline since the beginning of the COVID pandemic. She openly shares that her skin is the worst it’s ever been (sweating in PPE for hours has not been kind), and her cuticles look like they’ve been "chewed through by a bear". With her personal experience being the fuel behind this initiative, we understand how all women on the frontline deserve to be pampered and taken care of. 

And so as these fearless women in healthcare continue to wear their N95 masks, we want to help replace their protective gear with a fresh mani, soothing facial and relaxing massage.

Anesa and Patrycja started this campaign in an effort to raise money for our fearless women on the frontlines, who have selflessly put their needs to the side to get this city through this chaos. We want to help women put their needs first again. We want women to feel spoiled and pampered and taken care of, just as they are able to make the thousands of COVID-19 patients feel. Together, let's take care of those who have taken such good care of us.

With this initiative, we hope to provide women in healthcare with self-care opportunities.


100% of donations will go towards providing women with quality self-care services post COVID-19.

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